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I have been a sculptor of marble for over 30 years of both classical and contemporary pieces. I can now sculpt anything I want in marble.

My role as a sculptor is to uncover the “soul” of the stone. A succesful sculpture happens when the artist is able to use their skill to show and interpret the soul. If the artist embellishes the piece with his own ego when uncovering the soul, the result will be poorer for it. That is why I say my sculpting is “trying to do nothing” to ruin the stone.

Sculpture is often thought of as a 3-D endeavour. It can be, and often is. But a really succesful marble sculpture has 4 dimensions: length, width and height, but also time. Not the time the artist labours, but the history and time the marble has been in the mountain. Marble has long history and the best sculptures reveal that history via another face.

Of course, it is me – the artist – who is responsible for the transformation of the marble into a work of art. I have many different facets and so my sculptures unearth the soul of the stone in different ways, hopefully devoided of my ego. But the philosophy of all the works is solely to make explicit the soul of the stone. By means of my labours with the marble I do penetrate my own psychological demands. That is why I am always trying to become more coherent and to grow. But it is my intention only to do this with the co-operation of the soul of the stone. We are one.